Ann Marie Kennedy
Winter Garden (Hanging Garden)Winter Garden (Hanging Garden)Winter Garden (Hanging Garden)
Winter Garden (Hanging Garden)
This project evolved through observations of the winter landscape. As I walk or drive around this time of year, I notice the remnants of the year’s growth; stems, stalks, seed pods, and dried leaves standing starkly against an often overcast sky. I had an impulse to capture and preserve these remainders of plant life, and create an environment with them, somehow reminiscent of a hanging garden.

The elements for Winter Garden were created through the hand papermaking process. Using wet pulp and a papermaking mould (screen), I embed the dried material in a sheet of pulp. As it dries, it curls, and the structure of the plant determines the final form of the paper object. The paper pieces are more sculptural and organic than what you’d expect from a sheet of paper. And when they are suspended, they have a sense of organic movement.

I like how the paper preserves the spaces around the plant, similar to preserving a small piece of the environment. Light activates this, illuminating the paper pieces and allowing the forms, lines and structures of the plants to be noticed. And like a garden, it is temporary, a collection of plants and plant materials that exist together in a moment of time.

Winter Garden (Hanging Garden) was installed for the Shimmer art event, held in Chapel Hill on February 12, 2016