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Memory House
Memory House
Waxed silk, wood framing, branches, halogen lights, pilings
8’ x 15’ x 9’

The structure rests on pilings and is raised slightly above ground level. As a shelter, it seems slightly unstable or fragile, as if it has been moved or repaired. It is the form itself that gives a sense of stability, an iconic house shape, pared down and released of its architectural details.

The juxtaposition of these elements; translucency, shadows, light, texture, branches with the house form, seeks to explore the tensions and poetry between opposing states of preservation and passing, of solidity and transience. Combining both metaphysical and material form, the plants themselves become a metaphor for memory. How do we preserve the remnants of last year’s growth? Or should we make the attempt? The translucency and fragility of the house structure is reminiscent of the temporal nature of dwellings. How the contents of a house or even a conceptual structure are continually in flux.